IIC-Bus Keyboard Module

General addons

The module is based on a PCF8574 port extension forming a 4x4 matrix. The IICBUS support of the M2.0 operating system makes the decoding of the 16 Buttons quite simple.
Sample programs for all units provide subroutines for this module which allow you to use this module with a minimum of programming effort.

The keyboard is connected to the Applicationboard or direct to the Unit M2.0 and needs no separate power connection. You need the connector cable (198876) for this connection. If you like to connect more IICBUS components, the expander (191193) is suitable

Technical data
- 65mm x 43 mm x 15 mm,
- 16 keys (0...9, E,C,F1,F2,F3,F4)
- 6 pin interface connector
- operating voltage 5V / 10 mA

- IIC Bus Keboard-Module
- Manual

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